At Teklaz, Inc we strive to provide our clients with organizational problem solving and creative growth strategies so they can clearly see the bigger picture. We help our clients think about their business in a whole new way, bringing a fresh perspective to long-standing challenges and helping them envision - and achieve - a future with unlimited technology possibilities.





As a teenager, Julio purchased his first computer in the hopes of helping his dad organize his business. Taking the computer apart and trying to figure out what was inside and how it worked really captured his attention. He ended up having to take his first computer back to the shop to have it fixed because he had broken it – but this experience prompted him to learn how to fix them himself.

For the past 21 years, Julio has supported multiple companies – from small businesses to large enterprises. During that time, he has realized how important it is to connect with the users, talk to them, and understand what they need without using the often-complicated words of the IT world. Working in many different environments has also given him the knowledge to provide clients with the perfect combination of expertise and service. He has incorporated this knowledge and these experiences into the creation of the 360 Wheel of Service.

The TEKLAZ name is a combination of TEK for technology and the first three initials of Julio's second name LAZ (Lazaro). It also means "keyboard keys" in Spanish written differently (teclas). Julio lived in Miami for over 25 years and worked at the university of Miami for 7 years. Him and his wife were married in Miami and his wife went to the university of Miami. (hints: the brand colors)

Julio enjoys spending his free time with his family -- hanging out with them relieves some of the stress of being an IT professional. He also enjoys a good glass of wine (though he is still not familiar with all the new wine lingo!). His job allows him to do a lot of traveling, and being able to immerse himself in different cultures and try new foods. 



To asses and provide all the services that businesses require so they can be productive and successful. 



To provide peace of mind for our clients by managing all of their technology needs.



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